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Tickets for Spring term 2 are now live!

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NEWS FLASH... Spring 2 tickets live now!

We believe that every child holds within them a creative spark so powerful that one day it could change the world. It is our mission 

to support schools across the UK whose pupils are overflowing with creative talent by providing them with much needed free creative resources and even more importantly, structured creative time. Don't worry, they don't get quite this messy!

As one of the largest providers of after school clubs in the country,  we are able to offer a number of exciting

features that literally no one else can! Things like:


  • A massive inter-school weekly competition with great prizes!

  • Loads of free ARTS AND CRAFTS resources for schools!

  • Exciting YouTube channel with videos every week showcasing the childrens' work!

  • Videos each week to help teachers run the clubs together with a great fun scheme of work.

If you represent a school and would like to get involved please email us on

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To our 2023 National Competition winner!


Gillingham Primary School

Well done also to....


Craneswater Junior

St Mary's CoE, Tetbury Primary


We can't wait to see everything you make this year!

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