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Refunds/Cancellation Policy

  • Tickets for an event can be refunded fully before the start of an event. Once an event has commenced, refunds can only be given for the weeks remaining on a purchased ticket.

  • Please contact 01633 383211 for any refund queries.

  • School Closures: If the school closes due to but not limited to; snow, illness, quarantine, flooding etc, a refund will not be issued. We will communicate with the school to try and arrange a make up session on another date.

  • If the school suspends extra curricular activities for any reason and our club is affected we will make the videos, activities and competition available to take part in from home.

  • If there is a general government lead school closure we will endeavour to provide daily videos, activities and ongoing inter school completion run on social media.

  • In the event of Kids With Bricks having to cancel a week of an event, a refund will be given amounting to the week cancelled.

  • Refunds cannot be given if the ticket purchaser fails to attend the event.

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